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Hazel Cramer is a freelance documentary photographer and videographer. Passionate about raising awareness for humanitarian issues and underserved communities, she approaches her work with empathy and a critical eye.


She was born in Seattle and graduated with a BA in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Montana in 2021. Growing up in a diverse city, she fell in love with the human experience. This is what drives her work.

Now entering her career as an award-winning photographer and videographer, Hazel is actively pursuing stories that amplify the voices of those who need a bigger platform.

She is currently directing Siloed a Federally funded documentary project to raise awareness for rural access to medical care, and is accepting assignments. 

She lives in Montana with her roommates and plays outside as much as possible.


A portrait of Hazel Cramer where she lives, in Bozeman, Montana.

(406) 241-0949

Bozeman, MT



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